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come on baby, we ain't gonna live forever

let me show you all the things that we can do

Alex Nuñez
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condemned from the start.

I've screwed up a lot. But if I let you go, it'd be the biggest screw-up of my life.

Alexandra "Alex" Nuñez is twenty years old. She graduated from Degrassi Community School in 2006, and returned for half a semester the next year as a post-graduate. She served as the Vice President of the Student Council her junior year of high school after losing to Marco Del Rossi. She held a job at the local mall as a movie theater attendee for several years and then briefly worked as a stripper/waitress at a gentleman's club. She also discovered she was a lesbian in her junior year, after falling for her best friend at the time, Paige Michalchuck. She currently lives in Ajax, Ontario, Canada.

Originally, she dated resident high school bad-boy, Jason "Jay" Hogart. She and Jay both initially bullied Marco for being homosexual, an act that foreshadowed Alex's fear of her own homosexuality. She and Jay ran a small gang together during their early years in high school, but it later broke down, mostly due to Alex dumping Jay and a discontinued friendship with Amy Peters-Hoffman, who Jay had cheated on Alex with (along with several other girls, including Emma Nelson, who Alex hated). After that, she began to branch out, and formed a tentative friendship with Marco and his best friend, Eleanor "Ellie" Nash, the latter of which she felt especially close to, since Ellie's mother was also an alcoholic. She started to develop feelings for her friend and co-worker, Paige, and pursued a relationship with her the subsequent year. However, she broke up with Paige a few months later, as Paige was going away to college and Alex felt like she was holding her back. They later rekindled their relationship less than a year later, when Paige returned to Toronto and Alex admitted that she was still in love with her. During their time apart, Alex briefly dated Carla Carlisle, a graduate student and track star at Toronto University.

Having always been close with to her mother, when Alex discovered that they were in financial trouble, she looked desperately for a way to help pay their bills and also avoid eviction from their apartment. Help came in an unexpected form; she found a job as a waitress, and then, stripper, in a gentleman's club. Though she felt awful about her job, she was convinced it was the right thing to do. However, once she discovered that her mother was using the money for other things and seeing how much her new job was hurting her relationship with Paige, she quit. She also left home too, feeling betrayed. She went to live with Paige, Ellie, and Marco, but Paige's new job and Alex's depression and unemployment created a rift between them. Paige eventually packed Alex's things for her and made her move out of the house. Absolutely heartbroken by Paige's dismissal, Alex apparently left to go live with her mother's cousin in Ajax, Ontario.

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Full name: Alexandra Nuñez
Nicknames: Alex, Lexi
Age: 20
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Family: Emily Nuñez (mother)
GF/BF: None

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Disclaimer: This is an RP journal for midnight_united. I own absolutely nothing. All character/show copyrights belong to CTV/the-N.